packaging & user guides

No one knows your product better than we do, so it makes sense for us to handle as many aspects as we can, providing you with an efficient, one-stop shop.


We create easy-to-follow user guides, with technical illustrations and simple, concise instructions. For packaging, we are well placed to produce artwork, and have a strong sense of your product's brand and market positioning.

  • We designed the Vita Audio R1 DAB radio to be wonderfully easy to use, but if you do need help, our user guide will show you what to do in no time at all.

  • Clear, precise illustrations and instructions were vital for Crustastun, to ensure kitchen safety and a humane end for the shellfish.

  • Designing the packaging and user guide for Lightsleeper ensured continuity of style and simplified the process of bringing it to market.

  • The packaging needed to look as simple and elegant as the R2 tabletop radio itself. The style of radio and box have been carried across the whole Vita Audio range.

  • Attention to detail ensured the packaging demonstrated the

    quality and simple elegance of the product within.

  • For some products, the packaging is so integral that we

    create concepts for both, right from the outset.