visualisations & renderings

Producing 3D visualisations and photorealistic renderings is an integral part of how we design things. We create renderings that faithfully reproduce the final design intent right down to finishes and graphics, finally tweaking images with Photoshop and Illustrator.


In fact, we use exactly the same 3D CAD models for concept studies, detail engineering, renderings and even animations, so not only is it quick but also cost-effective.


  • Bringing your concepts to life. Adding water pouring from this filter kettle concept we designed for Brita not only adds realism, it also makes it much more eye-catching.

  • Rendered concept of an amplified indoor television aerial for SLX.

  • Photorealistic visualisations are a very cost-effective

    way to present concepts and bring them to life.

  • An ultra-slim, credit-card sized touchscreen wifi multimedia player for Harrison Croft.

  • The Vita Audio R1 Classic
    Rendering in Photoworks, retouch in Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Putting things in context. Our client asked us to create

    a workshop setting for their ruggedised power adaptor.

  • One of many kettle concepts for Tefal.

  • Rendered concept of a universal TV zapper for SLX.